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Ridhi Chhabra is an essential part of our team. Ridhi increased our efficiency, and communication within the company. Her organization and project management skills have really been critical in the growth of our company. She juggles multiple projects while keep clients engaged, informed, and happy while keeping the development teams on track towards delivery. Always working with a great attitude and commitment to client satisfaction, I have thoroughly enjoyed having the pleasure to have Ridhi be a part of our team.


— Lee Cooley | Principal

Catalyst Development


Ridhi has completed hundreds of hours of support work for my company NALTIC Global and BOXFiSH Education North American Envoy.

I have never met anyone so punctual, accurate serious and professional.  Ridhi is almost too good to be true. She is very business minded.  She comprehends the significant of the work asked of her.  I never have to worry about an assignment not being done on time.

She is highly efficient!

One last note, she has proved effective in delegating work, when the work load is excessive and nonetheless, she ensures the work is completed as accurately as if she did it herself.

Ridhi is truly a find!


— David Eldredge | Co-Owner

Naltic Industrials LLC


Ridhi is a great addition to my virtual team. She is punctual, detail-oriented and has assisted me greatly with managing my business and ensuring that project deliverables are completed on time. This has resulted in more free time on my side to focus on quality control and growing my business and my clients are happier than ever!


— Carla van Staden | Owner